Catholic Parish of Tavistock
Catholic Church of Our Lady and St Mary Magdalen, Tavistock
Diocese of Plymouth
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Parish Priest

Fr. Cyriacus Uzochukwu

Church Address

Callington Road
PL19 8EH

Parish Office

01822 613802

Our Lady Tavistock

Priests of the Parish

The first church in the area was in Gunnislake (St Joseph's) founded in 1927 and then the church of Our Lady of Victories in Callington, a Mission church and for many years Gunnislake and Callington were served by their own Priests.

Tavistock was a separate parish and in 1951 the Tavistock church was bought by the Diocese and the first Mass celebrated in 1952.

The parish of Tavistock and Gunnislake was served by many priests over the years.

Gunnislake and Callington

1927 - 1941          Fr Phillip Northcote    
WW II                   Fr. Biggs    Diocesan Priest


1951 -                     Father Michael McSweeny  Diocesan Priest
1956 1972           Fr Daley    Missionaries of St Francis de Sales

Tavistock, Gunnislake and Callington

1956 1972  Fr Daley together with curates from the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales

      Fr O'Neil               Fr Thevenet
      Fr Gill                   Fr Blackford
      Fr Nobes              Fr Ward
      Fr Kerns

1972 1981  Fr Blackford with Fr Miranda as curate.

In 1981 the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales withdrew their priests from the parish.  The Parish then was served for eight years by Fr Michael Craig-McFeely and Fr Aloysius, both of Buckfast Abbey.

1981 1989          Fr Michael Craig-McFeely      OSB
1981 1989          Fr Aloysius      OSB     
1989 1994          Fr Jack Pack   Tavistock's first Diocesan Priest since 1956
                              Fr Terence Clune  
                              Fr John Bodley Scott   
1994 2001          Fr Gabriel Arnold        OSB 
2001 2003?        Fr Sunny Paul             Missionaries of St Francis de Sales
2003? - 2007         Fr Denis O'Gorman    Augustinian Friars

Fr Denis O'Gorman was responsible for both Tavistock and Gunnislake churches until October 2006 when Tavistock separated from Gunnislake and set up their own Finance Committee.  Gunnislake became a Mission Church under the care of Fr David Gassor.

2006 - 2007        Fr David Gassor        (Gunnislake) The church closed in 2007
2007 2007       Fr Danny Longland    Diocesan Priest

For two years there was no resident priest and Sunday Masses were said by priests from Plymouth Cathedral.

2011 2019     Fr John Greatbatch         Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
2019 - 2021      Fr. Martin Stone               Diocesan Priest

2021 -               Fr. Cyracius Uzochukwu   Diocesan Priest

Tavistock Parish is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth, Charity number: 213227
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